A Royal Valentine’s in the Heart of the Palace

23 Jan

Out of the 365 days of the year, there is only one single day where everyone around the world comes to express love and mark it as a special memory full of warmth and love vibes with their loved ones… It’s Valentine’s Day.

This year the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino is gearing up to ensure guests experience their own Valentine’s stories, just like they took place throughout history.

Guests can celebrate Valentine’s at Torii with the “all you can eat” offer in a joyful atmosphere with sushi and romantic tunes for an unforgettable night at the Palace.  An authentic dining experience with the significant other at Saraya Gallery will definitely exceed expectations with a unique food menu and an open appetizers bar filled with an ultimate variety of French hors d’oeuvres where guests will be able to pick from a selection of main courses cooked to perfection along with a live harp performance. Love is best felt when sharing; therefore, Saraya Gallery will be serving a dessert to share for guests during Valentine’s Day.

An exceptional experience awaits at Harry’s Pub where a wide variety of cocktails have been specially prepared for guests to enjoy the true English Pub vibes in the heart of Cairo and fill the night with love and celebrate in style.

For a more exclusive experience, this year the Cairo Marriott Hotel will offer a special package for couples to stay at the hotel during the week of Valentine’s. The package will include a minimum of two nights stay at a luxurious room at the Palace, a signature spa experience for couples at the iconic Saray Spa to make the most loving memories during the week of Valentine’s Day with a royal twist.

For more information and reservations, please contact the hotel directly on +20227283000 or send us an email at mhrs.caieg.AYS@marriotthotels.com



Warm up this Winter over Brunch at the Palace!

24 Dec

 A warm winter welcome to the Palace for guests, family and friends to enjoy the cozy weather over brunch at the Cairo Marriott Hotel’s Omar’s Café and Garden Promenade.

Enjoy the most scrumptious dishes at Omar’s Café brunch buffet from savory to sweet exquisitely prepared by Cairo Marriott’s specialized chefs. Multiple mouthwatering stations are available for guests to pick their favorite dishes, from grilled oriental food like Shish Kabab, Chicken Tikka, BBQ specialties and grilled veggies, to a fresh fish station for those who love to choose their favorite catch. Also, a sushi station is available to delight in the Japanese seafood rolls. For an Italian taste nothing beats the pasta station with the different types and tempting sauces cooked right in front of you. Don’t forget to indulge in the most delicious desserts with a special mix of oriental and French pastries. Chocolate lovers can enjoy the chocolate fountain, homemade bars with roasted nuts, chocolate cake pops and many more fulfilling chocolate offerings. And for a signature warm dish have an Om Ali, to seal the day.

Grab your family, friends or your loved ones to have a warm gathering at the palace. A live Jazz band will make the winter a special season every Friday for brunch at Omar’s Café and Garden Promenade. For daily quality time enjoy the lavish lunch buffet Saturdays to Thursdays from 1pm – 5pm at Omar’s Café.  Hurry up and call 27283000 to book!

فندق ماريوت القاهرة يحتفل بمرور مائة و خمسون عاماً من الضيافة الملكية

28 Nov


احتفل فندق ماريوت القاهرة و كازينو عمر الخيام نوفمبر الماضى بمرور مائة و خمسون عاما على انشاء

قصر الجزيرة  الذي  أمر الخديوى إسماعيل بتشييده  عام ١٨٦٩.


وفى  قلب حدائق القصر الملكية حضر أكثر من الف مدعو من السفراء و الفنانين  و الشخصيات العامة ومجموعة من كبار المسؤلين في ماريوت الدولية و اعضاء من مجلس ادارة الشركة المالكة للفندق، الشركة العامة للسياحة و الفنادق ايجوث و ذلك للاحتفال بمائة و خمسون عاماً من الضيافة الملكية.


ومع أول لحظة لدخول الحضور بالقصر بدأ الجميع في استعادة الذكريات واستمتعوا بوجود الخديوي إسماعيل و الامبراطورة أوجيني في استقبالهم.


كان في استقبال الحضور يورجان ستركاو المدير العام للفندق والسيد شريف البنداري رئيس مجلس الادارة لشركة ايجوث.


تحول صالون أوجيني لمتحف يعرض بعض القطع الاثرية من القرن التاسع عشرالموجودة بالقصر.


شاهد الحضور خلال الحفل ذكريات وأحداث لم يعيشوها من قبل حيث قام الفندق بعرض فيلم قصير يروى قصة القصرعبر العصور وما كان شاهداً عليه من أحداث تاريخية مرت بها مصر و نال اعجاب جميع الحضور.


قام الفنان رامي عياش باحياء الحفل ليأخذ الحاضرين من ذكريات الماضى للحاضر واشعل الحفل مع اطلاق الالعاب النارية في سماء الزمالك و استمتع الحضور بعشاء راقي من باقة منتقاه من مطاعم الفندق.


بعد مرور مائة و خمسون عاماً من الضيافة الملكية، سيظل قصر الجزيرة ملتقي تاريخي للمصريين حيث  يستقبلهم دائماً بأروع التجارب و أرقي الخدمات.

احتفالات عيد الكريسماس و رأس السنة بقصر الجزيرة

28 Nov

يستعد فندق ماريوت القاهرة للاحتفال بالكريسماس و تزيين الاشجار ويكون بابا نويل بالاستقبال للاحتفال بالعيد و جعله ذكري مميزة في هذه السنة.

يقدم عمر كافيه يوم ٢٤ ديسمبر اشهي الاكلات في بوفيه العشاء كما سيقدم ايضاً  بوفيه غذاء خاص يوم  ٢٥ ديسمبرليوفرللضيوف اجواء ممتعة لاستكمال الاحتفالات بعيد ميلاد المجيد مع العائلة او الاصدقاء.


خلال رأس السنة سيحتفل كل مطعم في الفندق علي طريقته الخاصة لقضاء يوم ممتع و سعيد بين الاحباب.

ففي مطعم الليالي المصرية سيقدم العشاء مع فقرة من موسيقي الشرقية الحية و استعراض من الرقص الشرقي. اما في سرايا جاليري سيستمتع الناس بعزف هاديء مع تذوق اشهي الاطباق من المطبخ الفرنسي. كما سيقدم مطعم عمر كافيه عشاء لا يقاوم.


قضاء اول يوم بالعام الجديد داخل الحدائق الملكية تعدي عمرها المائة و خمسون عاماً مذاق لا يقارن ولذلك يقدم عمر كافيه بوفيه الافطار من الساعة الخامسة صباحاً حتي الحادية عشر صباحاً للاستمتاع بصباح اول يوم في السنة علي الطريقة الملكية.


فندق ماريوت القاهرة في ٧ يناير بأعياد الميلاد القبطية سيقدم بوفيه علي موعد الغذاء في مطعم عمر و كل هذا مع وجود اشهي و الذ الحلويات في مطعم البيكيري.


لذلك جمع احبائك واصدقائك و عائلتك في فندق ماريوت القاهرة ليكون عيد مميز و حافل بالمفاجآت. للاستعلام و الحجز برجاء الاتصال بالفندق علي ٠٠٢٠٢٢٧٢٨٣٠٠٠


Cairo Marriott Hotel celebrates 150 Years of Royal Hospitality of El Gezira Palace

27 Nov

This November, celebrations took place at Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of El Gezira Palace that was built in 1869 by Khedive Ismail. The palace has always been the host of monarchs, royalties, celebrities and guests who came from across the world to the land of the Pharaohs while being a genuine witness for several major historical events throughout history.


In the heart of the Palace over 1,000 distinguished guests among which were ambassadors, celebrities, public figures, key Marriott International management and owning company (EGOTH) chairman were present to celebrate 150 years of royal hospitality.


Upon entering the Palace guests travelled back in time to the year 1869 where they were welcomed by Khedive Ismail, Empress Eugenie and the Royal Entourage.


Greeting guests were hotel General Manager Mr. Jürgen Sterkau, Chairman and Managing Director for EGOTH Mr. Sherif Bendary, Senior Director of Operations Marriott International MEA Mr. Nader Ibrahim in addition to the hotel’s Executive Committee members. Salon Eugenie was a museum showing antiquities from the 19th century.


When the time was right, the walls of the palace spoke for themselves telling the story of El Gezira Palace projected through a video on the Palace’s exterior followed by fireworks to set the celebration


The festivities continued when star performer Ramy Ayach lit the stage, taking guests to a whole different mood. The Cairo Marriott Hotel culinary team pampered guests with array of delicacies and savory surprises.


After 150 years of royal hospitality, El Gezira Palace continues to be a historical landmark for Egyptians offering guests exceptional opportunities to create memorable stories while enjoying exquisite services.

Jingling the bells at the Cairo Marriott Hotel

27 Nov

It is this time of the year where bells start to jingle at the Palace as the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino is warming up to celebrate the festive season. Guests should mark their calendar and get ready for an unforgettable Christmas celebrations this year with lots of delights and surprises.


On December 24, Omar’s Cafe will be offering an array of culinary specialties at the Christmas Eve dinner buffet prepared by the finest chefs in town. For those who missed it, an unmatchable lunch buffet will be available on the following day as Omar’s Café will be awaiting guests with their loved ones to celebrate Christmas Day.

New Year’s Eve is like no other at the palace. A special entertainment program will be available at Harry’s Pub for guests to celebrate and welcome the New Year. For those seeking to spend New Year’s Eve in oriental vibes, Egyptian Nights will be serving a one-of-a-kind special set for guests to enjoy along with oriental vibes topped with a belly dance performance and live tunes of an oriental band. Live entertainment will be available at Saraya Gallery along with a unique menu; the perfect French twist combined with authenticity. Guest can also indulge in a variety of specialties at Omar’s Café dinner buffet on New Year’s Eve.

Nothing to be compared with spending the 1st day of the year in a 150 year old palatial gardens, therefore, the Cairo Marriott Hotel will be offering a breakfast buffet starting from 5am until 11am on January 1st for early birds. The Cairo Marriott Hotel will be also celebrating Coptic Christmas on January 7 with an irresistible lunch buffet at Omar’s Café.

The Bakery will be offering a variety of mouthwatering Christmas treats such as Santa Claus chocolate and Christmas cake to make this festive season an unforgettable one for guests and their loved ones.


Hurry up and book you place to spend the festive season right at the Palace with family and friends. For more information and reservations, please call +202-2728-3000.

Cairo Marriott Hotel welcomes Mr. Jürgen Sterkau as New General Manager to the Palace

22 Oct

Early October, Mr. Jürgen Sterkau has joined the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino as General Manager to the Palace.

Jürgen began his hospitality career in 1984 in Germany, followed with a couple of hotel positions in Switzerland. He then joined the culinary team at New York Marriott Marquis in 1988, then several assignments in the United States, Bermuda Marriott and the Warsaw Marriott. His first assignment in Asia was an Executive Chef of the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong in 1997. Three years later, he was transferred to JW Marriott Seoul Hotel as part of the opening team. Moving out of the kitchen, Jürgen subsequently served as Director of Food & Beverage at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel and was promoted to Executive Assistant Manager after two years to the JW Marriott Kuala Lampur.

On the move once again in 2005, Jürgen travelled to China and was posted at several prominent hotels including the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao, Opening Hotel Manager of the 1312 room Beijing Marriott City Wall for the 2008 Olympic Games, and returned to Shanghai at Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel and Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel where he was General Manager. Followed by further years at JW Marriott Shanghai Changfeng Park Hotel and provided his oversight of the Sales and Marketing Business Council for East China as mentor.

In 2017 he was promoted Managing Director, of the Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel Complex, with 1000 rooms as Cluster General Manager.


Jürgen is joining with a vast experience and a solid Marriott background that would be a great support to the leading Cairo Marriott Hotel team. His passion for history and antiquities will ensure that the guests of the 150 year old palace housing 1064 luxurious guest rooms, 14 restaurants & bars and large banquet spaces receive a memorable experience in Cairo.