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The Cairo Marriott hosts Global Dinners for Sustainable Food to support World Food Program’s initiative to eliminate world hunger!

30 Jan

The Cairo Marriot Hotel joins the global community in the advance towards the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for the year 2030, with a focus on the goal of eliminating world hunger and malnutrition. The World Economic Forum, known for its annual meeting in Switzerland, which discusses food security, recently incorporated a series of advocacy dinners, which aim to create awareness about the UN’s goals against hunger, into its agenda. Ten cities from around the globe were selected as hosts for the dinners; Cairo, Egypt was fortunate enough to be among them. Cairo Marriot hosted the dinner on January 12th, partnering up with MBC Masr and MBC Al Amal, with various high-profile celebrities and humanitarian personnel in attendance which comes perfectly in line with Cairo Marriott’s “Spirit to Serve” initiatives for events that are aiming to enhance the lives of many and dream big enough to change the world!

The dinner took place in Aida Ballroom featuring Chef Hassan’s luscious meals as well as calls for action towards a Zero Hunger world. Attendees enjoyed delicious dinner made from Egypt’s four food staples: fresh fruit, meat, beans, and bread, whilst listening to speeches by the beautiful actress Hend Sabry and others regarding the insecure food communities in Egypt.

Attendees of the event did not only learn about nutrition issues facing Egyptian society but were also presented with the opportunity to become an active part of these issues’ solution. Tablets placed around the ballroom provided them with direct links towards donation forms for World Food Programme operations regionally. The WFP’s application, titled ‘Share The Meal’ was also introduced at the dinner. The application allows users to contribute meals particularly towards Syrians affected by the ongoing conflict in the region.

Hend Sabry, the WFP Ambassador, took the stage to announce the launch of a social media campaign through the partnership between WFP and MBC Al Amal. The campaign, which began two weeks prior to the event and will continue for another two weeks following it, aims to maximise the outreach of the WFP’s regional programs, in addition to collecting donations through the aforementioned forms.