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Khaled Al Jamal General Manager of the Cairo Marriott Hotel

3 Aug Khaled Al Jamal , Cairo Marriott New General Manager

Khaled Al Jamal has been appointed as the new General Manager of The Cairo Marriott Hotel.

 A veteran in the hospitality industry, Khaled’s strong International operations background, his in-depth knowledge of the Middle East makes him the ideal candidate for this iconic Marriott property with a dynamic 1060 rooms. Khaled is joining from The Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi, a flagship property for Marriott in the UAE.

In his new role Khaled will lead the Cairo Marriott team through a significant journey to upgrade and enhance its services and facilities, renovating its guest rooms, the swimming pool and Egyptian Nights Restaurant as well as adding a world class Saray Spa.

Khaled started his career in 1986 as a night auditor in Jordan, his country of origin. His passion about food and beverages led him to his first job in Marriott Amman where he took various roles in food and beverages. Khaled then moved to the US, in 1990, where he worked as a Restaurant Manager in North Carolina before re-joining Marriott as Director of Restaurants at the Budapest Marriott, Hungary in 1994 and then taking on the role of Director of Food & Beverage at the same hotel.

In 2001, Khaled was appointed the Cluster Director of Operations for the 3 Prague Marriott properties in the Czech Republic, before his first appointment as a pre-opening General Manager at the Courtyard by Marriott, Moscow. He then went on in 2004 to become the General Manager for the Beirut Marriott Hotel and in 2007 he returned to Prague as the Cluster General Manager in charge of for the Prague Marriott, Renaissance Prague and the Marriott Executive Apartments.

Khaled then moved to Turkey in 2010 as the opening General Manager of The European Flagship JW Marriott Ankara. And late 2013 moved again to open The Marriott Hotel & Marriott Executive Apartments Al Jaddaf Dubai where he was the multi-property General Manager. It’s worth mentioning that under Khaled’s leadership, the MEA Al-Jaddaf was awarded “Hotel of the Year in 2014” in its very first year of operation and in 2015 Khaled was awarded the prestigious Marriott Mustang Award for the MEA region for his outstanding performance.


حفل جوائز “مشروع امل” فى ماريوت القاهرة

18 May

كجزء من مبادرات شركة ماريوت العالمية “بروح خدمة المجتمع” اشترك ماريوت القاهرة مع MBC  امل و TEDxCairoWomen  لأقامة حفل توزيع جوائز مشروع أمل. تم اطلاق المسابقة بهدف دعم رائدات أعمال مصريات أصحاب الأفكار الجديدة لتحقيق رؤيتهم فى الحياة.

و قد تم اقامة حفل توزيع الجوائز النهائية  قي الصالون الأخضر العريق بالتزامن مع يوم المرأة العالمى، حيث تم الأعلان عن المتقدمين فى المسابقة، وخلال الحفل قدم المرشحون أفكارهم الرائدة إلى هيئة الحكام حيث تم اختيار الفائزين الثلاثة . وشمل الحدث حلقة نقاش بين نماذج لسيدات مصريات ناجحات من ذوى الخبرة الذين شاركوا الحضور بقصصهم الملهمة من العمل الشاق و الطموح.

Chic to the Street Ramadan at Som3a Basha

16 May

Welcome Ramadan in style this year at Som3a Basha! Go back to the old traditions of Ramadan in the modern time capsule that is the Palace. Enjoy plenty of delicious food and entertainment whether at Iftar, Shour or both! Bring your loved ones for an authentic night to remember at any of the following venues…

Enjoy a nice Iftar at Omar’s Café. A delicious array of Egyptian and oriental buffet is served daily with all your favorite grills, appetizers and sweet oriental desserts.

Som3a Basha offers a unique Street-Style sohour experience out on the Patio. Enjoy the outdoors complete with mouth-watering meals, shisha and the tunes of the Oriental bands every midnight.  Go for the A La Carte Sohour Street Chic experience. Family Iftar menus are available to book for groups of 15 or more.

For a uniquely upscale Iftar, Saraya Gallery now offers a family style Iftar available only for bookings. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience to dine amidst historical pieces and lavish authentic décor paired with our chef’s finest.

The Cairo Marriott can also bring over the excitement to your event or home with excellent outside catering services. We will take care of everything for you so you can enjoy more time with your guests and impress them at the same time. A great alternative would be to host a banquet (minimum of 15 guests) for Iftar or Sohour at the hotel; with different venue and menu options from Palatial Ballrooms to an outdoor Nile View Almaz, you will be able to create the desired atmosphere with the help of experienced professionals. Give us a call and we’ll set it all up for you!

A mix of everything authentic, modern and upscale elevates the experience with familiar vibes. Don’t miss all the fun and bring together your dearest for a marvelous Ramadan, only at Cairo Marriott.

Ring the Bells Wedding Ceremonies Fit for Royalty

20 Apr

What better way to start a blessed life with your partner than at a fairy-tale palace?! At the Cairo Marriott, your wedding can become a marvelous affair that you and your guests will hold dear to your memories. The historical grandeur of the palace adds magic to your special day creating a balance between royal chic and classy modern trends.

Palatial Ballrooms

The Cairo Marriott boasts not one or two but six marvelous royal venues to choose from. The Salon Royal and Eugenie Ballroom will make even Prince William and Kate’s hearts flutter; with beautiful chandeliers, marble floors, and a royal staircase. Both venues connected accommodate up to 300 guests. Regal weddings can take place at Salon Vert for a spectacular reception or gala complete with lavish marble floors and decor. For more intimate, yet royal celebrations, salons “Verdi”, “Memphis” and “Thebes” create the perfect setting.

A View Worth a Thousand Years

Opt for a fresh outdoor venue like Almaz with a magnificent view of the Nile; it is almost as if you are looking onto years of history while writing your own. A dinner or cocktail reception whether by day or night is sure to captivate and excite your guests bringing the celebration to a fantastic start.

Make a Wish

Our team of professional certified planners are ready to take your ideas and materialize them into a reality with ease. They are ready to offer their professional opinion to help you choose the right venue, menu, setting, decorations, and entertainment. Who said a genie has to come in a bottle?

Delightfully Delicious

An expert team of chefs are ready to prepare buffets and A La Carte meals that satisfy even the most discerning palates. Everything is prepared fresh and in the state-of-the-art “Green Kitchen”, the first of its kind in Egypt. Whether you are aiming for classic options or a more eclectic spread of fusion dishes, the wide selection guarantees a satisfying experience.

A Happily Ever After

Honeymoons are equally as important as the wedding ceremony and since we understand that, our honeymoon treats go over the borders for free getaways in all Marriott Hotels worldwide. For every dollar spent, 3 points are added to your Marriott Rewards card which can be redeemed for free nights and upgrades at every Marriott hotel around the world. Now that’s a wedding gift to remember!

Cairo Marriott helps enhancing the travel Experience of EgyptAir’s passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) !

19 Apr

As part of Marriott’s continuous “Spirit to Serve” initiatives and their strong commitment to #TravelBrilliantly, Cairo Marriott provided 60 wheelchairs to EgyptAir’s Cairo-Egypt terminals to help Passengers with Reduced Mobility – PRM. A person with reduced mobility (PRM) is any person whose mobility when using transport is reduced due to any physical disability (sensory or locomotor; permanent or temporary), intellectual disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability, or age, and whose situation needs appropriate attention and the adaptation to his or her particular needs of the service made available to all passengers. This tremendous effort was to help enhance the passenger’s experience because nothing should stop anyone from travelling and exploring the world.


To celebrate the protocol,  General Manager of Cairo Marriott Omar Tantawy and Sherif El Maghloub, Vise President Commercial at EgyptAir, signed the agreement at Eugenie Salon with the presence of EgyptAir members and the Cairo Marriott Sales & Marketing leaders.


Egyptair has been Egypt’s national airline for 85 years and the Gezira Palace has been an iconic landmark since 1869 in which this year marks the 35th anniversary of it being branded as the Cairo Marriott Hotel. Cairo Marriott is continuing to promote the destination  believing that this will dynamically help increase tourism to Egypt and goes very much in line with their destination campaign to #Activ8Egypt.

ماريوت القاهرة يساهم مع مصر للطيران فى تحسين تجربة المسافرين

19 Apr

كجزء من نشاطات “روح خدمة المجتمع “المقدمة من فندق ماريوت القاهرة وايمانهم القوى بضرورة تحسين تجربة المسافرين من وإلى مصر ، قام فندق ماريوت القاهرة بالمساهمة ب 60 كرسى متحرك لأستخدام المسافرين فى مطارات القاهرة التى يقوم بخدمتها شركة مصر للطيران وذلك لمساعدة المسافرين الذين يعانون صعوبة فى التنقل ، ويعنى بذلك الأشخاص الذين يصعب عليهم التحرك اثناء التنقل نتيجة اعاقة جسدية مثل: صعوبة الأدراك الحسى، او صعوبة الحركة، والتى قد تكون مؤقتة او دائمة ، او أعاقة ذهنية أو اى اسباب اخرى من اسباب الأعاقة أو الشيخوخة والذين تحتاج حالتهم عناية خاصة. وتأتى هذه  المبادرة لتسهيل تجربة المسافرين حتى لايحد شئ احد من الأستمتاع بالسفر واكتشاف العالم لتعزيز

ماريوت.  لفنادق #TravelBrilliantly مبادرة

ولتوثيق الاتفاق، قام المدير العام لفندق ماريوت القاهرة عمر طنطاوى وكابتن شريف بتوقيع البروتكول فى قاعة اوجيينى بحضور عدد من اعضاء الشركة  ومديري ادارة التسويق والمبيعات فى فندق ماريوت القاهرة.

مصر للطيران هى شركة الطيران الوطنية المصرية ل 85 سنة ويعد قصر الجزيرة معلماً بارزاً منذ عام 1869 ،حيث يصادف هذا العام الذكرى الخامسة والثلاثين لكونه يحمل علامة ماريوت القاهرة الذى يواصل الترويج للوجهة ويساهم بسخاء فى هذا المجتمع.

ويؤمن فندق ماريوت القاهرة بأن هذه المبادرة ستساعد بشكل كبير في زيادة السياحة المصرية والتى تتماشى مع حملتهم  لتنشيط السياحة #Activ8Egypt

ماريوت القاهرة يقدم حفل جوائز “مشروع امل”

19 Apr

انضم ماريوت القاهرة مع MBC  امل و TEDxCairoWomen  لأقامة حفل توزيع جوائز مشروع أمل. تم اطلاق المسابقة بهدف دعم سيدات أعمال مصريات أصحاب الأفكار الجديدة لتحقيق رؤيتهم فى الحياة.

و قد تم اقامة حفل توزيع الجوائز النهائية  قي الصالون الأخضر العريق بالتزامن مع يوم المرأة العالمى، و اعلنوا عن المتقدمين فى المسابقة، وخلال الحفل قدم المرشحون أفكارهم التجارية إلى هيئة الحكام ثم اختاروا الفائزين الثلاثة ايضاً. وشمل الحدث أيضاً حلقة نقاش بين نساء مصريات ناجحات من ذوى الخبرة الذين شاركوا قصصهم الملهمة من العمل الشاق و الطموح.