Culinary Revolution at The Cairo Marriott Hotel

23 Nov

There’s a Culinary Revolution happening at The Cairo Marriott Hotel and it’s led by an exquisite new Executive Chef. Philippe Bossert is an extremely talented French chef that has over 20 years in culinary leadership roles across the globe.

From a young age of 16 years, and thanks to his father, Chef Philippe developed a passion for traditional cuisine and respect to taste and high quality products.

Philippe plans to lead the culinary revolution at the Cairo Marriott through a revamp of all menus and offerings  to enliven the Royal yet young and fresh dining experience expected from the Palace!

“Cooking is the tale of my life, my region, and my desires. Being a cook is a simple act of loving and sharing between the ingredients and how it was produced by the farmers. Nature is rich with divine flavours. You have to keep in mind that behind every product there is a face, a land, and respect of the hard work. Our job is to give it all we can and cherish the experience and efforts of the people that brought these products to life” said Philippe

With this state of mind, Philippe Bossert is able to share a contemporary cuisine mixing his East French roots to the flavours and spices of our part of the world. Selecting meticulously his elements, he combines both abundance and visual appetite.

Rumour has it that a delicious event is just around the corner. How else will the Cairo Marriott celebrate their renewed cuisine?

Cairenes should watch out for the new creations of Philippe brought to life at Saraya Gallery and Torii this month.


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