Bringing Back Street-chic Experience

17 Jun

The graceful month of Ramadan is almost upon us and brings with it the excitement of enjoying oriental dishes, family gatherings and of course the infamous Ramadan tents. This year, we’re celebrating the holy month a little differently but with classic familiarity; bringing together street style cuisine with palatial poise. Various stations laid out around The Fountain Patio where guests can see their Sohour being prepared and enjoy the real street experience in style.

Imagine this… hot pots of fool, the splashing sounds of ta’meya, the magical moves of the feteer chef and the beautiful display of oriental desserts. All while enjoying classic Ramadan drinks, flavourful shisha and the moving tunes of the Arabian music.

Make sure to reserve the street-chic experience for Sohour at “Som3a Basha” or book the entire experience for large groups and corporate Iftar’s. Also check out Omar’s café daily Iftar menu for a selection of delicious dishes to break your fast. Have a blessed Ramadan!

Catering to your Every Whim

You can enjoy Marriott’s delicious menu with your family and guests at the comfort of your own home with our outside catering service. We cater to small events of 20 all the way to big corporate events of thousands. Spoil yourself and your guests by bringing the entire experience of street food and stations right to your door step or at any venue of your choice! You can choose between buffet and set menus for Iftar and Sohour or the “Family Style” menu offering a large variety of delicious home-like dishes.

*The Iftar buffet menu includes dishes like Keshk, roasted beef fillet, grilled lamb kofta and marinated shrimp. While the Family style includes a variety of grills, vine leaves, roqaq, lamb tourly and beriani rice. The Sohour menu includes mezzah and a variety of chef’s grill. There is also the option of foul, ta’ameya, pan fried turkey and an array of oriental delights to choose from.

From classic oriental dishes of chicken, meat and fish to pasta, Shawerma and even ice-cream stations; Marriott’s outside catering will deliver an appetizing experience complete with taking care of the setting, providing royal service and hospitable hosts. Don’t bother with any hassle and let Marriott take care of your next banquet

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